Friday, July 1, 2016

Second Half

Holy smokes, were did the first part of 2016 go? It's been a crazy few months and I'm going to do my best at getting back to giving you updates on what's going on around the Sanctuary. It's pretty quiet these days and I don't get to spend as much time with the horses but I still want to give updates and post more pictures.

I was going through pictures on my phone and realized that a year ago I was pregnant and starting to feel the strain of it all. Now I'm still stressed out with everything going on but I have a very mobile 10 month old. Crazy how time flies.

The last few days have been cooler so the horses aren't as crabby. Thank goodness! I need to get back to medicating Rabbit every day. Mike left for work this morning and noticed that Rabbit was lying down. It was in a spot where he wasnt' sure if she was lying down because she wanted to or if she'd fallen and couldn't get back up. She was half way facing the upside of the hill. He didn't want her to be cast so called and let me know. Luckily I was working from home at the paying job so I trotted on out. She was just relaxing and got up when I approached. She's getting stiff but I think this pasture isnt' helping her much. There's a steep hill she has to climb if she wants to enjoy some of the more lush grasses. But I don't have any other options unless I haul her up to my parents. But I want to haul Junior and Brego up because they need the additional weight and they have a pasture that hasnt' been grazed since last September so it's fairly lush and rich...and perfect of horses who can't keep weight on. I'd prefer to haul Bo up but he has no ground manners so I won't subject mom and dad to that.

I'm going to be playing musical pens this weekend. Once I pull Junior out, I'll add Lace and Mayhem in with Rabbit. Hopefully Lace behaves herself. She's really mellowed out over the past six months. She was SO angry when we first got her. But she's come around. I think being near the geldings has really helped. If she is mean to Rabbit, I'll have to consider putting her in with the big herd and pulling King out. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we can look at dividing the big pasture during the long weekend. But that also means I have to pull King out because he does not respect electric fence. But that also means having to feed him hay. But I already feed the ponies hay so I guess it's no different...just costs more.

I may try to put up a few temporary fences (i.e., corral panels) to keep King in if I do decide I don't want to throw hay. Unless I want to use electric, I'm out of places to put horses temporarily for grazing. There's one other spot I'd like to try but I'm not going to push my luck because it's too close to the road. I would LOVE to put up some nicer fences so then I can look at expanding my temporary grazing options.

There's been a little bit of progress going on at the Sanctuary. Dad sprayed the thistles. I'm not sure which ones he went after or if they will even die but at least it's something. I'm going to go after the burdock so I don't have to deal with cockleburs in the very near future. There's just so much that has to be done. Luckily the days are still fairly long and I can sneak out after the kids go to bed.

We are also getting progress in our house. Hopefully with the remodel in full swing, we'll be able to get it done soon and I can have at least one massive chaos completed. I  need less chaos to function apparently.

I need to get blankets washed, repaired, and waterproofed. Anyone want to help me? I don't want to do it when its' too stinking hot but I want to get it done so I can take an inventory and see what we need. We don't have blankets enough this winter for everyone.

And I was right. "That time of year" is almost here. I got asked again last night if I wanted to take another horse. This is the second time this week that I was asked. So the real need is just around the corner. Does anyone want to help? Does anyone want to sponsor a horse? Even $10 a month goes a LONG way in helping sponsor a horse!

Here's to an amazing and super busy second half of the year!

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