Friday, July 15, 2016

Beside Myself with Fury

I am just about sick, and beside myself. I'm not sure how much I can share but I'm beyond words. I was on our local classifieds and noticed a horse for sale from a local flipper. The information about this horse made me realize that this horse came from the same place that is asking us to take in that older mare who is pasture sound only (and a pasture sound 3 year old). I'm worried that if we don't take her (and can't come up with the funds to do so), that she'll end up either with a horse trader/flipper or auction. Either way, being that she's only pasture sound and old, her fate isn't very good if we don't take her...unless there's someone out there wanting a pasture buddy.

So I'm worried. I'm sick. I'm down right shaking. I'm angry at the person who is doing this because they brag about how they are helping horses get a second chance.  How can it be a second chance when they use them and then toss them aside when they no longer fit the purpose they were intended for.. and worse, sell/give to a horse trader.

I'm just sick with worry.

I'm not trying to pull the whole "the truck is coming" act. I know what we can do and right now we can't do anything. I just don't understand how someone can do such a thing to another living being. I see cruelty often but I'm always shocked by it. So this isn't my plug for "the truck is coming" but I wanted to let everyone know. When one spot opens to save a horse, another fills it...unfortunately the person asking us to take this mare is filling those "spots". I'm disgusted and sick to my stomach. I better not say anything more.

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