Friday, June 3, 2016

What Day Is It!?

Seriously?! What day is it? I lost this entire week! The paying job has me hopping. Of course the three day weekend made me lose track of more time.

I'm not even sure what to talk about. Brain is sort of fried after this week's work. I did get Lace and Mayhem out on the lawn pasture.

I'd let the big herd out in the middle of the day yesterday (was working from home at the paying job). When I came back from picking up the kids, the ENTIRE herd was missing. I checked the panels and everything was exactly as it had been. I had to investigate. Everyone was in the leanto off the barn. I was almost in panic mode. With Bo not in the big herd, Zeke actually hangs out more in the barn.

Bo is still with Junior and Rabbit. I hate to admit it but I haven't really seen them much. They seem to hide in their pasture even though it's fairly small. Zeke seems a little lost but I think Bo is hanging close to Junior and Rabbit. I will have to spend some time with them this weekend.

We are working on the place this weekend. We still need to divide the big pasture. I'm not sure if we'll get that done this weekend or not. If not, I'll be working on it during the week. The problem is the horses fried my solar fencer. So now I have to see if the electric fencer will work. And if it does work, I'll have to restring the electric from the red shed to the pasture. The previous owners had done just that but instead of doing it right, they let it hang. So now I have to figure out how to rehang the electric fence and get it across the little hill pasture without the mares interfering with it (when I finally put them in that pasture). We stopped using that electric fencer because it stopped thumping as loud. I was thinking it didn't work as well but I guess I'll find out soon enough. If not, I'll  have to pony up and buy yet another fencer. Those things are expensive. Anyone want to donate towards a new solar fencer? They run about $300.

Speaking of expensive. I ordered Rabbit a four pound container of Vitamin E and Selenum. The Dumor Gold supplement she was on wasnt' cutting it. The powder she was on did a lot more help. So we'll try it again and see how it goes.  There was one more alternative but I didn't like it. Giving Rabbit shots but the shots are in short supply and it would be $150 a short and we'd be giving shots for god knows how long. So instead I opted for the powder and we'll go from there. Anyone want to be Rabbit's sponsor? The powder is $40 per container.

And because I haven't posted in a long time, here are a few pictures from last fall. Yes, I am that far behind I'm still using old pictures. Anyone want to come out and photograph the herd so I have more pictures to choose from? :-)

Chaos with Dude in the background


Ivan and Bo (Ivan torments Bo all the time)

Chaos's legs with Dude in the background. Not sure who the other one is. Eyes are failing me today.

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