Friday, June 10, 2016

Down and Out

I'm going to be down and out the next couple of days. I didn't even DO anything yesterday. I let Mayhem and Lace out on the lawn to graze overnight, thinking that they could stay there for the day...nope. They went after the lone round bale I have left... so instead we'll put the round bale in, search for more round bales (and money to pay for them). I put the mares back this morning after a painful night with little sleep.

I didn't do anything else yesterday other than fill a water tank for the mares (which they didn't touch). But by 9:30 last night I couldn't use my left arm. I think I pinched a nerve. I have limited use of it right now and don't dare pick anything up.

I pinched a nerve in my arm/shoulder a couple of years ago and it took months to heal. It's the same type of pain but in the other shoulder/arm. So I guess we'll see. There's no corral panel moving for me. In fact, I'm supposed to have drill team practice tonight but I'll need someone to throw the saddle on Zeke. Not sure if I'll be able to handle the bouncing or not, but we'll see. I had plans on getting other stuff done but it looks like everything is going to be at a standstill until I either figure out what's wrong and get it fixed or just ride it out.

This getting old stuff is for the birds.

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