Friday, June 24, 2016

"That Time of Year"

"That time of year" is almost upon us.

Yes, summer solstices was just this week and we are in full summer mode. But before you know it, "that time of year" will be upon us. I want to be prepared this year but as things are going, its' not going to happen.

"That time of year" seems to be getting earlier and earlier. Everyone is always so busy during the summer months. So much to do and so little time to get it all done before we are faced with another long and boring winter. We try to cram everything we can into the long days of summer (thank god they are long otherwise we'd never get anything done).

But "that time of year" will be here sooner than we know it.

You're probably asking, what is "that time of year"?

"That time of year" is August/September/October. It's when people realize that kids have to go back to school. It's when people realize they have to pay for hay for a horse they can no longer use. It's when the novelty of owning a horse wears off (after a month or two). It's when people decide they want something different to fit their needs.

"That time of year" is when we get asked to take in horses. Sometimes old. Sometimes young. Some with ailments. Some just need retirement. Some need training. Because we are small and not known in these parts, we dont' get asked often. So maybe "that time of year" is more of an "all the time" kind of situation for other rescues. But as a sanctuary, we get asked in the late summer/early fall to take in older horses. I would love to say yes to each and everyone of them because they deserve it.

But I need help in getting the job done to say yes. We need sponsors. We need help in maintaining buildings, fences, etc. We need financial help, physical help, moral help, we need help. You name it, we need the help. I'm a one man show and I need help. It takes a village and right now its' a population of one (me). So I'm asking you, will you help me? It's very hard for me to ask for help. But I'm learning I have to if I want to help the horses.

Money is tight for many people. I totally understand. But I need help in other areas too. Monetary donations are fantastic, in kind donations are fantastic, physical help/volunteering is fantastic. Any help is fantastic.

So maybe this year instead of "that time of year" where I'm stuck telling people no, I can tell people YES. And I'll be so stinking busy keeping everyone else busy that I'll not know what to do.

I want "that time of year" to not be so hard on my spirit this year. I'll get back to my wishlist Wednesdays in July. A good friend bought us a hose. Sure it was used but it works GREAT! You know what, she found it at a rummage sale for a $1. That's AWESOME! Any of our wishlist items don't have to be brand new. Anything is of great help to us.

I have a bunch of fundraiser ideas but I need help in getting them put together and I need help in running them. You don't even have to BE here physically to help out with some of my ideas. Sometimes I just need to bounce ideas off of others so that I can solidify what needs to be done and so someone holds me accountable for my ideas. I guess I'm that type of person who needs that little bit of push to get the ball rolling.

So I guess when "that time of year" rolls around, will you be willing to help me so we can make a difference?

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