Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Let me put the last few weeks, and more so the last few days into one word......


I know that I'm a sanctuary and with that comes drama. Surprisingly, there's no drama on that end. Everywhere else...(insert voice from the gal on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days....drama, drama, drama).

That seems to be my life these days. I don't do well with change or drama or any upheaval of any kind. Extensive drama at work, and a few activities outside of work, a bathroom with only a functioning toilet and nothing else, showers in a tin can camper, a hole in my bathroom wall, a floor that isn't finished, hospital stay for my baby girl, getting sick and spending time on said unfinished floor/remodel-in-progress bathroom, high heat, storms, and loose horses.

I am close to tears.

I gave up the idea of dividing the pasture and just locking them in. Except the gate broke and I had to fix it with twin. Well apparently Dude decided to take the gate down and take a couple horses with him. The good horses stayed in the pen while the others didn't. So I had to get the gate propped back up, untie some of my latches, and get the rest of the herd out this morning. Not what I was expecting.

On Sunday I caught the flu that's been going around. I stepped outside and got sick. When I'd recovered my senses, I heard a horse whinny. That's never a good sign...because it usually means a horse is not where it should be. Yup, Junior had somehow managed to get out of the pasture. He's the second horse to escape that pasture. Bo had escaped over Memorial Weekend. So I heard Junior running through the corn field (don't tell the farmer). I hollered for him (but not much because I was light headed). I heard/saw some rustling in the trees and called for him again. I was about to climb the gate to investigate the pasture when Junior popped out of the trees and into the lawn.

So now Junior is in with the big herd (much to his dismay and Rabbits). Rabbit hasn't figured out where the hole is (neither have I and I walked it last night). I need to move Rabbit anyway. Lace and Mayhem don't have any more grass in their temporary pasture so I need to move corral panels around and get them moved before the weekend.

Unfortunatley I'm gone most of this weekend and when I am home, I'll be doing skirt work. Because in the process of the remodel, the plumber kindly cut the hot water to the wash machine. Ergo, I have no wash machine to wash clothes...and I have puky clothes to take care. I am not a happy camper.

There's more to tell to my story but none of it is horse related so I'll spare you the details. Life just doesnt' seem to be getting easier like I thought. The paying job is not going great either so that adds even more stress. I mentioned to a friend that it would be nice to run away. The promptly reminded me that when I would return from running away, that it would all still be here waiting for me to pick up the pieces. She stole my thunder...because she's right. sigh

I'm ready to sit down and cry. In fact, I'm doing everything in my power not to just bawl right now (only because I'm at the paying job and in the library am I not able to..but shhhh don't tell anyone).

so for now, if you dont' see me or see much activity, it's because I'm trying to keep from going completely insane with all the stuff going on. I'm still here, just being crabby and grumpy.

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