Thursday, June 30, 2016

Funky Town

I'm still in a bit of a funk. Still dealing with some drama and trying to figure out how to let things go that I don't have control over.

Did get to do a little bit of discussion with future fundraisers. Nothing really in the works but I needed that discussion to get the positive vibes back and start thinking about the future. Lost all my momentum after getting our non-profit status and I need to get that momentum back.

Before we know it fall/winter will be upon us and I want to say YES instead of No to people who need to find homes for their horses.

So, give me a little bit longer to get out of my funk and then it'll be full speed ahead!

If anyone wants to help me get out of my funk just to discuss fundraiser ideas or the future of the Sanctuary, I'd love to chat. Even if it's through email, Facebook, Instant Message, whatever.. anything and everything helps to get a different perspective. I get lost in my head some days. Any comments, advise, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Another day of funk and then I'll get off this pity party train and get back to business.

Pics are from last July at Palisades State Park just before a storm hit

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