Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday

Lace and Mayhem with some of the outbuildings in the back ground

Our Wishlist Wednesday this week is for volunteers willing to scrape and paint outbuildings. We have at least three that need a new paint job.

In fact, one outbuilding all you have to do is look at it and the paint will fall off. Another all you have to do is sneeze and the paint falls off. And the last one will need a little bit of work but it won't take much to get down to bare wood.

Even a coat of primer will look nicer than what we have right now.

The barn, tack room, and garden house all need to be painted. The hay barn needs to be painted too but I'm looking into different siding first before tackling the painting job. The previous owner of the land ran cattle next to the hay barn and cattle are tough on everything, including buildings so we need to reassess the siding first before putting any time into painting.

But the other buildings desperately need to be painted. It took me two years to scrape and paint the garage (and without repairing the roof I'm seeing that the paint is already coming off...grrrr). But having one building with fresh paint makes the rest of the place look a little shabby (ok a lot shabby).

Even if you can't come out during the weekend to volunteer, I'll work my schedule so that we can get this task done no matter what.

So  who wants to get painting?!

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