Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This Tree

I love this tree. Every year is blooms beautiful pink flowers. You can see in the first picture in the lower right corner a brown patch. That's Bob. This tree was here when we moved in but we buried Bob by the tree and ever since then I've noticed that this tree blooms beautifully every spring. So I call it our Bob Tree.

Once again this spring, the Bob Tree didn't disappoint. Of course these are old pictures because I can't seem to find time to download real time pictures .

But I wanted to share. This year not only did we have our Bob Tree bloom but the lilac bush also is in full bloom.

I love spring. I used to grumble about late winter and spring with all the mud but then I read someone's comment. She was always in love with the land that she lived in. Her name was Esther Garvi. She would talk about the west African landscape. And that made me think about our South Dakota landscape. We are blessed with so many different colors. In late winter, there's usually no snow and the ground is a dingy brown but come spring, the grass is a lush green color and the earth is such a rich dark brown from being worked by the farmers. The little green shoots of corn add such an amazing accent of color (and gives me hope). We are blessed with different seasons to enjoy the diverse colors of nature.

I miss Esther's words of wisdom. She was killed in a car accident this past August. I never actually talked with her. I only followed her on Facebook and her blog. But her words set deep into my mind and heart about the land we are surrounded in. So today, as you drive to wherever you are going, take a second look at your surroundings and see the beauty in it.

Thank you Esther Garvi for having such long lasting effects on me. Even though you are gone, you are not forgotten (even from people who you never talked with). May you and everyone else, enjoy this day and find beauty in the simple things of life.

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