Monday, May 16, 2016

Rabbit Still Lame

I have to call the vet later this morning. Rabbit is dead lame...again.

I had the vet out late winter (February-ish) and he said she needed a good trim and a vitamin E supplement. I've had her on a supplement but that's not what's causing her the pain. She can barely put any weight on her right front foot. It's not navicular. Yes, she probably needs a trim but at this point, she won't really let you mess with that foot. I havent' done my research yet to make a general guess on what it is but I have a feeling I might know what it is. It is not an abscess. Abscesses don't last for months. Well, maybe they do but it's been nine months. She'd get better and then get worse so I have no idea what is going on.

But I'll have to have the vet come out. She can't travel. She's still weak in the backend and the front is only good on one leg. I'm sure the back end is compensating for her front and that was never strong to begin with.

I wish I would have been able to get out there and give her a massage every night but I was lucky to get out and get them fed. Some nights she did miss her medicine but I don't think the switch from the powder to the pellets was good. The supplement she's on right now doesn't seem to be doing the trick. So I don't really know what is going on. She's got the vitamin E deficiency still because she still hurts when you touch her but that doesn't have anything to do with her foot. She wants to stand on her tip toe when she does take a step.

So, I'm going to go do some research and then make an appointment. I hope that my guess isnt' really what's going on. But I'm guessing we'll be doing some x-rays to see for sure. Keep your fingers crossed. Anyone want to donate to her vet bill?

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