Friday, May 20, 2016

Bo and Chaos

Last night when I went out to do chores, I pulled Chaos out. He'd cut his leg last week and I'd been tending to it. But he reopened it this week when I put Lace in the other pen. I still haven't figured out how he cut himself. But reopening that cut has caused some problems. I thought last night that instead of applying some wound spray, I'd try to wrap it. Nope. That didn't go well. I think I used the last of my vet wrap. Guess  I know what I'll ask for on our Wishlist Wednesday...more vet wrap.

While I was messing around with Chaos, I decided to pull Bo out. Normally, I don't trust Bo. He's run before but with all the grass, I didn't think he'd go far. I was right. Bo kept me in his sights the entire time. It was a little weird.

The mosquitoes were out so I'd started doctoring Chaos in a pen but had to move back to the barn (with not as good light). Even with a breeze the mosquitoes are out. Once the horses eat down the lawn, the mosquitoes won't be so bad.

I tied Chaos up in the barn to let the medicine soak in and I went back out to play with Bo. He stayed fairly close while I was doctoring Chaos. I went in search of a curry comb and Bo got a little freaked out and went in search of the rest of the herd. But otherwise, he decided to stick fairly close to me.

It's weird. I don't ride him because he is such a hard keeper. So there's not a close bond just from always interacting and being riding partners. I don't mess with him when he's in the big herd because he's always on high-alert and WILL run me over if another horse tries to pick on him. He has terrible ground manners. But last night he followed me around and wanted to be near. It was like we had a super close bond. I dont' think it was a fluke either.

I think he knows what his fate would have been had we not went against the kill buyer to bring him home. I sometimes wonder when we are at auctions if I'm going against a kill buyer or a private buyer but it all goes too fast for me to figure it out (and the price is so low that it's hard to get a handle on who's bidding against you because there's very little time that he horse is in front of you or even having any bidding).  But for sure we were bidding against a kill buyer.

But last night was down right fun. If I could figure out how to put and keep weight on Bo, I'd turn him into one of my go-to riding horses because he's got that fire that I love to ride. He loses weight too quickly and gets too nervous in new situations so that'll never be the case. But maybe a short ride around the place once he's picked up a little bit more weight. Hard to say.

After getting rid of the rest of his winter coat, it was nice to see that maybe he doesn't look as shabby as I thought. He's definitely a keeper. I guess I'm just ready to see horse out on grass instead of standing in the dry lot.

Anyone want to come out and help?

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