Monday, January 9, 2017

Trivia Answers

Better late than never but here's the answers to the trivia questions we asked last week.

Trivia Question #1: What year was the Sanctuary first started?
We started the Sanctuary in May 2006. AT the time we weren't focused solely on senior horses and took in anything that fit into the herd.

Trivia Question #2: When did the Sanctuary become a 501(c)3 non-profit?
April 2016 we finally became a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Trivia Question #3: Who was the first horse to become a Sanctuary resident?
Chaos. He came to us as an unhandled yearling stud. He's come a long way and become a great go-to horse.

Trivia Question #4: Who is the oldest resident and how old?
Jim and he's 30 years young this year.

Trivia Day #5: Who is the youngest Sanctuary resident and how old?
Mayhem is the youngest at the age of 7.

Trivia Question #6: How many Sanctuary residents were blind and who were they?
3: Babe, Thor, and Blondie (Blondie was only blind in one eye while she stayed at the Sanctuary).

Trivia Question #7: Who was the last auction save?
I was thinking it was Bo in March 2011 but it was actually Savanna, Sahara, and Jett (Sir Prize) in April 2011.

Trivia Question #8: Who was the last resident to join the Sanctuary?
Lace was the last resident to join that hadn't been in with the herd. Lace came in December 2015. However, we did accept Zeke into retirement even though he was my personal horse. Zeke joined retirement in August 2016. So either Lace or Zeke works for an answer.

Trivia Question #9: How many current residents are registered and who are they?
Dude, Lace, Skippy, Rabbit

Trivia Question #10: How many current residents call the Sanctuary home??

BONUS Trivia Question #11: How many draft horses lived at the Sanctuary and who were they?
Four - Bob, Dick, Sam, and Thor

We'll play the trivia game later this year and see how well you know the Sanctuary! :-) Hope you had fun guessing.

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