Monday, January 23, 2017

How To Play Where's Skippy

I was going  to post the rules on how to play "Where's Skippy" last  night but promptly fell asleep. After sleeping (not very well) on the floor two nights in a row, I was ready for something a bit more comfortable and the recliner lulled me into a long nap.

So, here are the rules...late as usual.

Every day this week, Skippy is going to go somewhere.  There is always a theme to his travels and this month's travels take him  to castles around the world. Every day, Skippy will post a picture of where he is at that day on Blogger and Facebook. All you have to do is comment on where you think  Skippy is at on Facebook.

The catch is you have to post your comment on Facebook. You can guess only once per location but if you miss a post, you'll have all week to guess where he's at. Dont' worry about being right or wrong. It's the guess that counts not the answer. ;-) On Saturday,  Skippy will return home and the guessing  will be over. Each time you guess (for that location), your name will go into a drawing.  If you win for that month, your name will go into a bigger drawing at the end of the year. The end of the year drawing (there will be 12 for each month), will be help at the end of December and will receive a prize, which is TBD at this time.

I hope you enjoy Skippy's travels to castles around the world.

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