Monday, January 30, 2017

Procrastination and Losing Items

We had another quiet weekend at the Sanctuary. I know there is a ton of stuff that needs to be done but after a crazy week, I'm usually beat. Then throw in sick kids and bad weather, I was wiped out. I'm working on our upcoming fundraiser and really need to get my act together to get it up and running otherwise I'll be out of time and out of luck. If only there was a clone of me so I could get everything done.

We finally had beautiful weather this weekend although I didn't  get to work on anything outside with the horses. But the warmer weather means less stress on the horses and they all seem less cranky. I've had to put blankets on  a few of the horses and finally pulled them off. When you see them at 5am and again at 6pm, it's difficult to pull blankets knowing that they'll get chilled because there's only certain times I can go out. Rain and Brego don't have a good winter coat. And no, it has nothing to do with me blanketing.  They simply never put on a winter coat. I'm not sure why but that means any time the temps dip, on go the blankets.  I've kept a blanket on Bo to help anywhere I can to get the weight on before winter hit. He's doing fantastic although I'd still prefer a few more pounds. But he'll always be on the thin side. But that blanket needed to come off and stay off for awhile. I think he's starting to shed! No more blanket for Bo. He has a hefty winter coat anyway.

I'm still in search of a farrier to replace our "current/old" farrier. Dude is now in desperate need of a trim. His hips are starting to bug him so he's standing weird. It's hard to find a farrier that is willing to work on horses that don't stand completely still. And it's very hard for horses with lameness issues to simply stand still without trying to relieve some of the pain that comes with age and wrecks.

I did have about 10 minutes last night after practice to dig around and find a few of my missing items. I've been looking for a cooler for two solid months. I found that and then went on the hunt for a few other items that I was missing. The problem with using a stock trailer but having a big goose neck is that all my tack is spread between about four different places instead of having one central location. It makes life confusing and then add in no time and kids, all of my stuff simply disappears. I'm hoping this year I can sell the big trailer and get something a little bit handier and move all my tack into the tack room and horse trailer. Maybe then I'll be less scatter brained. I've been scatter brained for far too long.

Hopefully this week I can  tackle our fundraiser and actually get information out.  Nothing  like waiting until the last minute to plan anything. Anyone want to help so I'm not doing everything at the 11th hour?

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