Monday, January 23, 2017

Storm Leo Approaching

Storm Leo is going to be on us in another 12+ hours. I guess I'd better get myself organized before the snow flies. I've been a bit spoiled with the January thaw and mid 30s. I was enjoying not having to break open water and having to haul so much water (or walking through snow...but having to maneuver around ice). But that ended last night when the cold front came through.

Normally I would wait until tomorrow to put in hay because my parents will be at the house to watch the kids, while Mike and  I are out putting in hay. It makes life so much easier. But with the weatherman talking 4-8 inches of snow and Mike's work talking more like 9-10 inches, we both figured it would be wise to put the hay in  tonight. I'm sure the horses would love to scavenger through the loose hay once we move the hay rings.

I had hoped to get my farrier out during the January thaw to trim a bunch of the herd but I think I've been dumped. I'm in desperate need of a new farrier. Mine was looking to retire so it was of no great surprise that he ditched me  but I really do need to find one that is willing to work with a few that have some lameness issues and aren't afraid to work on a few that have a few bad habits. Not terrible, but just need some additional education on standing still during a trim. Some act out in pain and others out of boredom. I know who would do what but to find a farrier willing to work on a variety of horses is difficult to find. So if anyone knows of a reliable and  reasonable farrier, I'm willing to work some deals.

I am not yet in panic mode but will be later this week. Mike has more training so that leaves me with two kids, two dogs, 17 horses, and a cat to take care of Wednesday night and Thursday morning before work. I think I have it figured out but that'll depend on if my daughter decides she wants to sleep...and the weather. Always the weather.

I had planned on going to the dr tomorrow. I guess I am finally of the age where my body is starting to fall apart. I knew the day would come but had hoped it would wait a little longer. Guess that saying, it's better to go out with a worn out body (where you've had a ton of experiences) rather than one that is pristine (where you never experienced anything). Sort of morbid but my headache...turning migraine is not letting me think too clearly today.

I am  sure there is more to report and if I was on my personal computer, I could post pictures. Maybe someday I'll get all my pictures downloaded and to some place easy for me to get to rather than stashed away on an old laptop, flash drive, or phone. I can't seem to keep up with technology these days.

Going to check out the weather again and decide who will need blankets. I know blanketing is a touchy subject but I have a couple of "delicate flowers" that don't do well in  South Dakota winter storms and cant' handle being even a little bit wet when the temps dip down.  Mostly I'm thinking of Rain who's system was compromised years ago and who I am  always keep a constant eye on to make sure he's not too hot or too cold for fear of him getting sick again.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the weather isn't nearly as bad as I am thinking and life will continue on as normal, just with half a foot of snow instead.

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