Monday, January 16, 2017

Quiet Weekend

A fairly quiet weekend. We were able to enjoy the day off Monday. It was a busy weekend but I'm not exactly sure what all we did.

We had a load of hay scheduled to pick up this weekend and went ahead and put hay in to the big pen. We also put a bale out for me to dole out to the ponies. Luckily the ponies aren't going through the hay as quickly as the rest of the herd. It's amazing to realize the generosity of family. My hay guy is my uncle and he let us borrow his truck and trailer to haul a load of hay home. I'm still waiting for the bill but it's so much easier to use his trailer than to use ours, which only holds three and Mike is still trying to get it all fixed up. He had to put a hole new floor in it and didn't finish before winter hit. I'm hoping he'll get back to it but until it's needed and its' an emergency, I dont' see that happening. Such is the life. 

But because I'm tired of looking at white and brown, I figured I'd post some pictures from a few years ago when we went to the Black Hills. Of course all my pictures are old because my latest pictures are stuck on my phone or on a flash drive that I need to find again in my house, which is always a disaster.

But for now, hope you enjoy the pictures.

A few from the Sanctuary

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