Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday. We wish for Ondura sheeting (it's actually just asphalt sheeting). You're probably asking what's Ondura sheeting? It's the roofing material we have on the barn. It's on sale right now at Menards for $20 a sheet. I don't know how many we need to repair the hay barn but we need to do something before the roof starts leaking worse than it already does. It leaks pretty bad right now. I figure 10 sheets will get across the roof but we'll probably need close to 30 or more to do one side of the hay barn. We have the special nails already but we need the sheeting to protect our hay and alfalfa.

And the little pipsqueak in the picture is Sir Prize, now named Jett. He's all grown up but I wanted a picture of the barn and well..who doesn't love a baby picture!

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