Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Finally found space on a computer to download pictures (so I can upload them...seems like a crazy thought).

This was just last weekend. The horses are patiently waiting for the pasture to green up. We desperately need the hay barn painted (and reroofed). Anyone want to help with either? We are slowly buying Ondura sheets to cover the hay barn. It takes 30 sheets per side. We bought 10 last week while it was on sale. We also need to scrape and paint it but in doing so, we need to replace boards. The previous owner ran cattle next to the building so it's in rougher shape than some of the other buildings. We've patched it together but it really needs more help. I'd love to reside it but for now, I'll be happy to repair the weak spots and get it painted and looking sharp. I tried painting some of it last year with left over paint I had from painting the garage. But there's a lot of work needed. Anyone want to help?

It looks like Rain and Ivan were volunteering your help! Brego was trying hide from volunteering.

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