Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Grannie Pinto Mare in WA Feedlot

I said I wasn't going to post any feedlot horses from WA but this one is tugging at my heart. Can anyone help?

Grannie - Chestnut / White Pinto Mare

Basic Info

Number:#  Grannie
Date Available4/20/2016 to 4/27/2016
Age/Color/Gender0 Years  /  Chestnut / White  /  Mare
More Info:


Litte Grannie has been at the lot for months now gaining weight. She came in a rack of bones and actually has gained a lot of weight. Her knees are bad and have arthritis but she gets along just fine and is sweet with the other horses, but mostly keeps to herself. She is about 14hh and looks like a worn out teddy bear that was once loved and now discarded. Grannie is seeking a nice retirement home to live out her days as a pasture pet. Please do not ask me if she is broke because her knees are worn out enough and do not need the added weight of a rider. She would benefit from some good nutrition, TLC, joint supplements, and of course, love.

Purchasing Information

Location: Sunnyside, WA 
Contact: Sabrina 206-250-5115 
Deadline: 4/27/16

Additional Photos

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