Friday, April 8, 2016

Pictures (or the lack thereof)

So, my blog has been pretty much pictureless for quite some time. Or there's a picture here or a picture there but not many recent ones. There's a reason.

I finally got a new phone so I could upload pictures right on the spot. Perfect! Except... after I've taken so many pictures, my phone won't upload them to Facebook (or let me send them in a text). Apparently I take too many pictures.

And most people would say, duh, just download them to your computer. Well, when you take too many pictures on your phone in a short amount of time, it also means that you have to put them somewhere and I've downloaded years worth of pictures onto the computer.

There. is. no. room.

The computer is almost full and my phone is almost full so that leaves the blog looking fairly bare. It seems like that thought should be totally backward. If you have so many pictures, the blog should be full...but getting them to the blog is the hard part. And I honestly don't have any recent pictures of the herd lately. I'm still behind in getting the yearly cheat sheet up. My phone hated the cold so no pictures in the winter and now that it's light out, I'm usually rushing to get chores done and it's not exactly pretty pictures. It would be horses caked in mud, or standing with their butts to the camera with their heads buried in another round bale (because they've pulled off the hay net).

So, I'll see what I can do about finding space on the computer and my phone so I can finally have current pictures of the herd. Jim and Brego are looking a little trim. They tend to lose a little weight starting in March and no amount of hay/grain will help. They simply need to be on grass. Junior is the same way. He looked really good going into winter but these past few weeks have been a little tough on's been nice out with good quality hay and grain but at some point, their body demands grass. So I may do some rearranging to get them on grass before the rest of the herd.

Everyone else is fat and sassy (and enjoying round bales). We had a fairly easy winter and with constant hay in front of them, they all came out looking fatter than they did going in to winter. We still have another month before I start getting them out on the lawn to graze and it'll be  month after that before they are out on pasture. The pasture doesn't hold for more than a couple of months.

But I may consider putting up some corral panels and putting Brego and Junior out for a little bit (and possibly Jim). Maybe a little bit of grass in the evening will help them gain a few pounds. If only it was as easy for me to lose weight as it is for the horses and for them to gain weight as easily as it is for me.

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