Friday, October 19, 2012

Winter Weather Almost Here

I HAVE to start paying attention to the weather.I knew the weatherman said rain and breezy but I wasn't expecting that kind of weather. I lost track of when it started raining. I think we are on day three of clouds. I was able to get Bo and Babe blanketed two nights ago and boy am I glad I did.

All day I watched as the rain kept falling and the wind kept blowing. I felt bad for everyone but couldn't do anything until Mike got home. When I did, it was a hussle to get everything done before the dark set in.

We had terrible winds and horizontal wind. I was worried about Rain all day so I figured I'd bring him home. Mike suggested we bring everyone at the neighbor's home until this weekend. I guess that pasture didn't last two weeks like I had hoped. So now we are throwing hay. I was worried that Rain was chilled and I wanted to get him in and dry him out over night. So I hopped in the truck and brought everyone home since there was no food and they all looked miserable.

I left Rain in the barn overnight to dry off and warm up and I also put Jim and Zeke in the barn. I am going to have to pay more attention to see who needs to go in the barn. I had contemplated putting Bo in the barn but that's a long walk for a horse that can only walk on three legs. He already had his blanket on and I didn't really want ot leave Babe alone. So I tossed them some extra alfalfa and they settled in for the night. Bo was toasty warm in his blanket.

I think this weekend I'll start rearranging pens. There's still a ton of fencing we need to take care of but I want to make chores easier for this winter. I've heard that we'll have the same winter as last year, warmer than normal, and colder than normal. So who knows. But no matter what, I'm going to need to bea ble to consolidate my chores so that I can do them as quickly as possible.

My thought is to move Babe and Bo to the pony pen and extend the pen out with corral panels. That way they are protected from wind in all directions except east and then we'll just have to pull a protective wall. Otherwise I'll take them into the barn where it's a little bit warmer. But if they were out of the elements more and didn't have to content with very much snow, I think they would both do better all winter.

Then I'll put the ponies in the blind pen and put Rabbit and Mayhem with the ponies. I don't really want Mayhem with Rabbit because of Rabbit's bad attitude but it'll just have to wait until next year. Maye the ponies will be a good influence on Mayhem. I suppose once Mayhem goes to training, she'll be better. I just don't want her to pick up any bad habits from Rabbit.

And then there will be the big herd and everyone will have a stall or lento to get out of the wind. I am trying to figure out who goes into what stall in the barn. I have to repair a stall door in the hay shed and put up a couple of panels and then Mayhem, Rabbit, and the ponies will have a pen to stay out of the bad and cold weather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll just get snow and not a lot of cold weather.

There's a horse sale tomorrow but I don't think I'l go. I can't bring anyone home and I've had to turn away horses. It breaks my heart to go but it also breaks my heart to not go. Who will remember those that go through. Someone has to care for them even if they can't do anything. But I guess I'll have to skip this one. Maybe I'll try to go to the Nov 3rd auction instead but we'll see. I'm not sure my spirits can take too much devistation these days.

I'm hoping the weather turns better for awhile. The weatherman said we'll be in the 60s for the next week or so. Hopefully we can get a few things done with the horses. I'm just not ready for winter yet. I lost all of the summer due to the heat, pregnancy, and some complications after Garrett's birth. I always joked that I was about two months behind but now I'm so far behind, I think I might be a full year behind now!

Please pray for the loose horses that run through tomorrow's sale. Pray that a private buyer takes them home. I'll be thinking of them all day.

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