Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Escape Artists

Those geldings know how to get on my nerves. Every time I have to run into town in the early evening, those geldings figure out how take down a fence or hurt themselves. In this case, two escaped and one got hurt.

I knew it was going to happen but was hoping that they would behave themselves. I guess I should have known better. They behaved while I was in the Emergency Room on Saturday. Chaos and Dude managed to escape from the drylot and harass Mayhem and Rabbit in their pasture. I'm afraid Zeke tried to go with but managed to hurt himself instead in the process. Go figure. We are starting to gear up for drill team practice and Zeke comes up lame.

Actually it seems that every fall we have additional vet bills. And right now everyone seems to be coming up lame. Rain is a little off but I think with a good trim he'll be back to normal. Zeke is now cut up and we'll have to start doing cold hosing and creams to get him back into shape. Brego came up lame just the other day too. I'm afraid that whatever is wrong with Brego is a lasting problem, not some fleeting injury that will be repairable. Whatever was wrong and flared up during training is now starting to show permanently. I have a feeling that its' the same thing Dude has (Hunter's Bump, where the tail is broken way inside and is putting pressure on the pelvis). But it's only a theory at this point. Unfortunately, if it is Hunter's Bump, there is absolutely nothing we can do to fix it.

I was hoping to do some fencing last Saturday but instead I spent the day in the ER. No worries, I'm fine now. Still don't know what was wrong. I guess my body had an opposition to working on fencing. But I had such high hopes of getting everyone moved over and put up fence in the drylot. I guess until the fence in the drylot is up, I wont' be able to move everyone to their winter pens.

I'm not looking forward to daylight savings time either. The only upside is that the first Monday after daylight savings time I have to go back to work and I'll be getting up the same time I normally do instead of getting up at 5am. That's about the only upside I can come up with. It'll be dark at night when I do chores and it'll still be dark in the  morning when I do chores. I'll only get to see the horses in the daylight on the weekends. Oh how I hate winter.

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