Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saying No is So Hard to Do

It's hard for me to ask for help and it's even harder for me to say no. But in the last month, I've had to say no four times for horses coming in. The real kicker, three of the four fit into our program. I know it's tough for everyone but we are in the same boat as everyone else. The drought hit us hard too. I had to take out a personal loan to cover the cost of this year's hay. I'm not willing to downsize because then we wouldn't truly be a sanctuary. But to cover the cost of care, it's my paycheck and let me tell you, I don't make alot. We simply give up a lot of other things.

Up until now, I've been relatively healthy but with my emergency surgery and Garrett's stay in the NICU, we will be paying hospital bills for a year. I know that the sanctuary is separate from my personal bills but any "play" money that went for the sanctuary is now going to pay bills. That "play" money was what allowed us to take in an extra mouth. Now that that money is gone, we can't even consider taking in anyone else. I'm disappointed to say the least.

Now is the time that we need to be stepping up to help the horses even more. The drought took it's toll on everyone and the horses seem to be the ones taking the full brunt of the economy and drought. My fear is that it'll only continue to get worse. I can only hope that things will improve both for the economy and weather in general, and for us directly so that we can help more horses.

I haven't yet gotten the vet bill for Queen and Thor but I'm guessing it'll be in the $300 range and I have no idea what Bo's bill will be. Bo is happily hanging out with Babe. Babe seems to be happier having someone with her. Neither push the other around. I feel bad for Bo because his best friend, Zeke, is in the other pen. But Zeke and Jim pushed Bo around. Instead Bo hangs out on the fence. But it also means that it keeps Bo a little quieter on that foot. I can only hope that things will improve for Bo and that whatever neurological issues he now faces, that it won't be as severe as I think.

I'm now feeling well enough to do chores. Mike has been doing my chores for me for the past two months. Of course I had him only throwing hay but I'm now back to doing all my chores. And boy howdy have I forgotten how much I hate hay. It's everywhere, in my boots, in my hair, in my clothes. Luckily it isn't in my eyes or my freezer just yet. It's been nice to have the five horses at the neighbor's and two at Mom and Dad's. It really cuts down on the amount of hay we have to burn through right away.

But the horses at the neighbor's need to move again. We are pushing our luck by keeping them  there an extra week. I figured that pasture would hold for one week and now we are on week three. I'm betting we will have to throw hay later this week. But we'll have another two weeks at the neighbor's. The neighbor said to keep the horses there until the snow flies. I don't think that'll happen. It's a lot of work to move fence around but if it keeps the horses on grass, maybe it'll be worth it. I worry about having them in one strand of fence when hunting season starts. But I locked everyone out of our pasture until spring.

We also have to bring Dude and King home this weekend. I'm hoping to put Dude over at the neighbor's. We'll see how that goes though. Dude would be in charge and that'll change the dynamics of the herd again. I swear everyone was pretty well lost when I took Dude to Madison but I think it's helped. I'm sure Chaos and Rain will be glued to Dude once he returns. King on the other hand will have to remain in the pen. He's apparently a fence pusher and we can't risk having loose horses now!

It's hard for me to believe that it's already October. I lost three months this year and I don't think I'll be able to get as much done that I wanted to. Today is our last nice day before the cold front blows through. There's so much I'd like to work on before it gets too cold but I guess I'll just be happy to enjoy the day and nice weather. What I have learned in the last few months is to be happy when one small project gets done. I just wish there wasn't so much that HAS to be done before winter sets in.

Now that I'm slightly restricted in spending all my free time outside, I have a bit more time to think of fundraisers. I'd like to spend the next few months brainstorming ideas for fundraisers for 2013. Only with additional funds are we able to take in horses that desperately need new homes. I would love to be able to tell people, "yes, we'd be more than happy to bring your horse into our sanctuary for retirement." But until we have the funds, that can't happen. With that said, please start thinking of some fundraiser ideas that we can start researching and possibly doing for next year. We will consider all ideas!

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