Friday, October 12, 2012


On my way home today I decided to drive by the local horse auction. My heart dropped when I saw a half dozen horses standing in a pen waiting for tomorrow's sale. I know it's not the auction house's fault for people dumping horses but it's hard to see souls standing in a pen waiting for their fate to be decided by someone.

There are two upcoming auctions that I'd like to attend even though we can't bring anyone home (besides the local auction tomorrow). It's painful to go but at least I can whisper some kind words and pray for them on their journey. I go so that at least they won't be forgotten. The two auctions take place October 20th at the Mitchell Horse Sale, which is where we brought Bo home. This sale is initially a catalog sale so there's hope that the cataloged horses will find a decent home but by the time the loose horses run through it's going to be late (and cold). And the second takes place November 3rd at the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Sale Barn. This is where we brought Savanna and Sahara.

I expect with the drought and hay crisis that there will be lots of loose horses run through. When I read the stats for the South Dakota Horse Sale, they had over 200 horses run through loose. I expect all but one or two went to kill.

As a rescuer, we feel guilty. It's a heavy weight upon our shoulders to know that we can't help them all. We feel guilty for leaving some of them behind knowing that they will have a terrible fate in the end. It's a huge guilt but there's only so much a rescuer can do.

Now that I'm a mother, I feel that guilt even more. I want to do the best for my son but it makes me super sensitive to the guilt. Each life is precious. I have been blessed with amazing people and animals in my life but I feel guilty for not being able to do more.

As winter nears, I am even more aware that there are going to many horses dumped at auctions and so many lives lost. I feel guilty that I can't do anything. I know I mentioned in the last post about coming up with some fundraiser ideas. I have a few and I asked awhile ago for your ideas. They are still in the back of my mind but I'd like to hear of more ideas. And because I have the terrible habit of coming up with ideas but never following through, I'm looking for a few people willing to help. You don't have to be local to help out. If you have any ideas, you can post them here if you are a follower, post them on our Facebook page, or email us at

I look forward to hearing your ideas. Anything is possible. Maybe if we can focus on fundraising I won't feel as guilty for leaving so many behind.

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