Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Super stressed this week. And now I'm dealing with a migraine. Came on fast last night but at least I'd gotten by chores done. I have thoughts on my mind but can't seem to put them into words just yet. Worried about Bo. And I think Rabbit has told me it's time. Just so very hard when their body is giving out but when you stand and look at them, they are fat. I'm so used to dealing with weight loss and the visible signs that anyone can see. Dealing with pain management is a bit new for me. But she was off her grain last night and didn't even touch it. I think she's telling me to let go but Im really struggling for some reason.

Paying job has me super stressed. Lots of high priorities that HAVE to be done with very little time to get it accomplished so the Sanctuary stuff gets pushed. Not a big deal if it wasn't this week. I had something I wanted to work on and it has to be done and now I'm not sure if I'll get it done.

Stressed, exhausted, and a little sick. After this week, I'll be back to being right as rain but until then... so I  might not post much for the next couple of days.

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