Friday, April 7, 2017

Bo Status

Well, I made an appointment to get Bo in to the vet on Monday. My vet is out until then. Have a few suggestions on how to make him comfortable until then so we'll see. All require needles which Bo cannot handle. He'd rather stomp you than even SEE a needle, or require that he eat grain, which gives him an upset stomach. Who knew that a $110 horse would cost so much!?

Now the hard part. Do I go ahead and take Rabbit in as well? Make one trip instead of two? Stop the worry and simply get it over with? But I wanted here to go on a sunny, warm South Dakota day. Not a rainy, windy day. 20mph wind with 70% chance of rain. Not the way I want to send her off this earth. So we'll see. We'll see if she keeps telling me. I'm going to have to move her and the others to a different pen so we'll see if that triggers anything.

I hate sick horses. I hate horses in pain. I hate this part of Sanctuary work. But better that I play God and make the final decisions, than to take the easier route and "hope for a good home" while sending them to auction.

Please keep us in your thoughts. The next few days are going to be emotionally draining for me.

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