Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Playday Planning

And the planning begins. We are having our annual playday Saturday October 8th at the Cowboy Way Church south of Hartford, South Dakota. I don't have all the games finalized but will very soon. I need to get the show bill figured out ASAP so that I can start posting it to a few Facebook sites.

Now that I've made it official, I'm starting to get nervous. I'm a bit run down from going so hard with non-Sanctuary related activities. I'm afraid I'm going to get burned out soon and I really want to set my focus and attention on the Sanctuary rather than silly stuff like the paying job drama.

We did get an unexpected surprise last Friday. A neighbor stopped over and said he'd donate some small square bales of hay. We were going out of town over the weekend so Mike went first thing Saturday  morning and loaded up the stock trailer full of hay! It's last year's hay but we aren't picky. If we are going to have the winter that I'm thinking we are going to have, we need all the hay we can get.

I  need to unload the hay tonight so that I can pick up Junior and Lace from their "fall" retreat. If the pasture still has anything left, I'll take them back up but I have a feeling that their pasture is done. I also think the  mares' pasture is done too. I didn't get a chance to fix fence so I'll have to put them into the small drylot and pick up a round bale for this coming weekend until I can get the electric fence up and running.  Always so much to do an and so little time to get it all done.

I'm dragging a bit because I caught a terrible head cold and lost my voice in the process. I guess it's a good thing to lose the voice. I'm still opinionated enough online.

Anyway, we are here but super busy. I need to get the ponies moved around to a different part of the yard because they are out of grass again and I'm throwing previous hay. I'd rather hold off on throwing hay until October. I know, October is almost here but still...even a day or two helps.

Anyone want to help with the playday? We need volunteers, donations for name it, we need it!

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