Friday, September 23, 2016

Hay, Nets, and Corral Panels

Had a busy night last night getting everything rearranged. Mike unloaded the big round bale out of my truck and dumped it into the smaller pen.  Unfortunately, it landed on it's side so I wasn't able to get the haynet on. Those bales are a tad too big for the hay nets. Hopefully the mares and Junior wont' completely destroy the bale and pee all over it.

We are going to have to bring a load of hay home for the big herd in the next week or so and start round bales.

When I brought Junior and Lace home, I dumped them into the pasture with Rabbit and Mayhem. But after getting the haynet half way on, I had to go in search of the mares and Junior and get them switched over (and get their tank filled).

I think everyone was content to sit in front of the bale and eat. I guess that means the pasture is either done or very nearly done anyway. But I do want to move them back to the pasture once I get more fencing done. Fencing and repairs are the bane of my existence.

When we moved the bale in, I had Mike take one of the cattle hay rings and put it on the bale. The other two horse hay rings I knew I'd need in the big pen. I am on the look out for another horse hay feeder ring but in the meantime the cattle one will have to work and hopefully the horses don't rub too much of their mane off (and Lace doesnt' get stuck). She couldnt' figure out how to back up and not lift her neck up to catch the top ring. Crazy mare.

But the cattle hay ring was in the pony pasture so I had to get them tied up. While they were standing not so patiently tied to the trailer, I went ahead and moved corral panels around so that they'd have one last place to graze before I'm back to feeding hay morning and night. They didnt' seem overly impressed with me moving then, which is a shock to me. I figured they'd run and jump and fart all over the place but instead they hung out watching me. So I'm not sure if that's a sign that I havent' been around much or that they were displeased with me making more changes.

But for now, everyone is set for the next couple of days, which is a good thing. We have a few family activities to do so we'll be around but not around. I thought life would get a little slower but it seems to be getting busier and busier these days instead. So I may not post much the next couple of days. Each day getting closer to winter and not getting my to do list done.

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