Friday, September 9, 2016

Country Living

It's a good thing I live in the country. I'd probably be ticketed for indecent exposure or some other weird thing.

Last night I needed to move corral panels around so that the ponies could graze a little more. I can't put up electric because the solar fencer is broken and I don't want electric fence on when the kids are around. Besides, Skippy has decided that he doesn't respect electric fence (but that could be because it wasn't powerful enough). But for now, I'll just move corral panels around until I either cant' reach all the grass or we run out of lawn (which is happening quickly for both).

Anyway, I was out moving corral panels after the kids went to bed (meaning, I was doing this all in the dark). I realized that this was absolutely silly. We have machines to help. The corral panels that I needed after getting a few set up were by the red shed and I needed them by the new garage. It might not seem like that far but when you are carrying a half dozen corral panels and have already carried almost a dozen, you realize the absurdity of it all.

So I trotted by happy butt back in to the house and pronounced that we have farm vehicles that should be doing the work and that I am NOT moving another five corral panels when we have a tractor that can do the job much easier and much quicker than me. Mike wasn't all that pleased but he did agree. And if he refuses to let me drive the tractor (long stupid story), then I guess HE gets to go out in the dark and mosquitoes and pull down corral panels.

While he was out with the tractor, I did a bit of paperwork. Of course because I was outside, I was dirty. As is the case, I typically take off my pants and find comfy clothes but everything was still in the dryer at the time. So I sat doing paperwork in my's a common habit...sorry.. I know.. TMI. :-)

While Mike was moving corral panels to where I needed them, I had water going to the  mares. Of course, I forgot about it and had to run out and turn the water off. This is when I say it's a good thing I live in the country. Out I go in a long sleeved shirt, my cowboy boots, and my underwear. Luckily it was dark...dark, dark, dark. And no one but the dogs were around. No sense in putting on pants when I'm just making a quick trip outside!!

Mike finally got the corral panels moved over and finished up a few of his things and I went back out to finish setting up corral panels. These are the days that I wonder why I do what I do. Here I am doing chores at 10:30 at night with lightening to the  north. I started booking it when I started seeing lightening. I new the weatherman had been talking rain/thunderstorms but I wasn't sure when they were coming. I didn't want to be caught outside trying to finish my chores and have to figure out a plan B so late at night.

I did finally get everything (and yes, I was wearing pants when I went out to finish  my chores). I beat the storm. Of course, the storms didn't really roll through our area until 5am and again at 6am. I was so confused and disoriented at 5am when I was supposed to get up that I didn't. And when I got up at 6 am I had to hoof it to get everything done. I still didn't beat the rain but at least I didn't get drenched.

Yeah, country living. It's always interesting.

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