Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ghetto Style

Caption This!

There's so many options for captioning that image. And Yes, that was me just a little while ago.  I took a long lunch and flew up to Madison to pick up Lace and Junior (if you look hard you can see them in the trailer).

I needed a bale to keep the mares and Junior occupied while I fix fence and I figured I might as well swing passed my hay guy and pick up a bale. I forgot how big his bales are. It was a bit unnerving driving home but we made it as you can see.

Junior and Lace are in the pasture with Mayhem and Rabbit until tonight when we put the bale in. Then we'll play musical pens/pastures and get things moved around.

The ponies need to move to a different part of the lawn too. I foresee a long night in front of me.

But its' all worth it. Junior and Lace both put on weight and Junior is as good of a weight as he'll get until next year. He does so much better on lush grass. I wish I could have taken Bo up as well but he's too pushy. What you don't see are the cockleburs on Junior and Lace. I'll probably roach them. And for anyone that complains and says I'm being mean. I dont' have time to pull 1000 cockle burs from each horse and it's even crueler to leave them in and let the burs fall out. The only other option is for you to volunteer. And  I'd gladly accept that offer.

We didn't put in our order for hay but I did talk with our hay guy and he's trying to figure out prices and set a price for me. So in a little bit we'll know. I need to get a load down in another week or so. I usually start feeding in October and much to my dismay, we WILL start feeding the first of October.

But, that's Sanctuary life

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