Friday, August 19, 2016

Set Life to Music

I just finished watching season 8 of Heartland. Yes, I am a Heartland fan. For those that don't know what Heartland is, it's a Canadian based family tv show that focuses on family issues and horses. One word, AWESOME. :-) Love the show. My only wish is that they would show it here in the States rather than make us wait.

Anyway, as I was watching, I wondered how much more interesting my life would seem if it was put to music. Any tv show or movie has music (well, most anyway). Whoever the composer and musical expertise is for Heartland should be commended.

But I still wonder how much  more interesting my life would be if I set it to music. I don't necessarily think I do many outstanding activities but even day-to-day stuff could have music.

I know, this is totally unrelated to horses but it just made me wonder. How much more thrilling would life at the Sanctuary be if it was set to music? Would be we get more followers? Would we have more sponsors? Maybe we need to have a "reality" tv show ... Life on the Sanctuary. But I'm guessing reality tv doesn't have music, just drama. And I'm tired of drama. The only drama I want to deal with is which tv program should I watch.

So, think about it....what type of music would you have if you could set your life to music?

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