Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall Resort

Lace and Junior

I hauled Lace and Junior up to Madison so they could enjoy their "fall resort" before the grass died out. I need to get a few  more pounds on Junior before winter sets in (and Lace could do with a few more pounds too). Last year Junior did well here (he doesn't get fat but I don't want him ribby going into winter).

I had to make the haul pretty quick. It'd had been a busy weekend. Friday night Zeke and I had our last drill team practice and I came home to find out our dog was dying right in front of me. I'll have to blog about that an other time. I deal with death and it's part of what I deal with but this was tough. Saturday Zeke had his final drill team performance (he's enjoying retirement).  And Sunday evening I hauled Lace and Junior up to Madison to enjoy a fairly fresh pasture.

Last night I moved corral panels around so the ponies could eat in a different part of the lawn. It's not big enough and they already ate it down. I'd mowed it because I wasn't figuring on putting ponies there. But it's not a big enough area so I expect I'll have to move them in another day. It takes an hour to move corral panels. The next place on the lawn will be bigger. I'm moving them around to burn down the lawn so hopefully it'll come back next year nice. We'll see.

I'm also completely out of hay (except for the small squares that were donated). If it wasn't for those, I'd be out. So I don't want to be feeding ponies hay when there's grass to eat. I need to move Rabbit and Mayhem but need to do some additional fencing before I  move them to the other pasture. Rabbit won't get out but Mayhem might. I still can't figure out where they got out so I'm going to run a couple additional strands and electric (hopefully). But that all takes time and I'm not sure when I'll get it done. So I'll be diving in to that small pile of donated hay which doesn't make me happy. I wanted to save that for this winter when I'm in a pinch.

The last few days have been a bit stressful. I'll blog more if I can find time. The paying job is keeping me hopping, and the kids are keeping me preoccupied. So that doesn't leave much time at night to do anything but skirtwork and crash at the end of the day. The days are getting shorter, making it tough for me to get my chores done in the daylight. I guess I better get used to it.

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