Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Before we went on vacation I put the ponies into their normal "vacation" pasture. They didn't go in it last year but figured it would be a nice change for them this year. I should have avoided that pasture. We are being over run by cockle burs and thistles.

Now stop right there. Please don't tell me that I "just" needed to get out and spray or cut down all the weeds. This is more than a one day task. We have almost 30 acres and I can't hand spray everything or cut every weed down. It's not possible.

Quite frankly, I'm not getting any help with any maintenance on the place. None, nada, zilch. What little time I DO have to get stuff done around the place is focused on the horses and what little upkeep I can do. I see the weeds; they make me mad. I cut them down; they come back thicker.

So not really knowing how bad the cockleburs were in the pony pasture, I let them go anyway. It was bad. I opted to roach Tommy and Skippy. I know people will tell me that I'm a bad horse owner for roaching instead of pulling cockleburs. But I could spend hours pulling cockleburs (Which I don't have). And I could spend hours cutting down burdock (which I don't have). So please, for the love of god, don't criticize me for doing what's best for the horses. There's other methods, but with my limited time, this is the best I can do.

For those that disagree, I will welcome you openly to bring your weed spray, your weed whackers, your cutters, whatever it takes and go after the weeds. Or come out and pull cockleburs ever day. It's a daily task and one that I dont' always have time for. Yes, weed control is a horse owner's nightmare and yes, I need to do more in the battle of the weeds but for right now. I'm not even keeping my head above water so, just know that Tommy and Skippy are enjoying their new look. Think less Fabio and more an Olympic swimmer.

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