Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Counting Pennies

It's been a quiet past few days. Nothing really to report other than playing musical pens so that I don't have to throw what little precious hay I have left.

I'm writing the check for last year's hay and now I'm brainstorming ways to make money to pay for this year's hay. Yes, it's a mixed up deal, I know. I have a fundraiser idea and I'm going to start working out the details soon. Most nights I'm too exhausted to get much done. The paying job has my brain frazzled by the end of the day, so when I sit down with the kids to get them to fall asleep, I'm usually the one that goes first.

Bo was finally up from the pasture last night so I grained him and his cohorts. But they were taking too long and I needed to get in and do some skirtwork in the house. So I left them to enjoy their grain in peace. I almost forgot about them. We bought a camper when we knew we'd be doing the bathroom remodel and it sits right in front of the house, blocking my view of the barn and pens. I always leave the light on in the barn to remind myself but with the camper in the way, I really DO have to keep reminding myself. I almost forgot!

Junior and Lace are doing well at their fall resort and are putting on weight. Junior will never look like he's fat and will always show ribs but that's just him... and no matter how much grain I pump into him, he'll always look trim. Lace is putting on weight too. I really do want fat horses going into winter.

I think Bo, Junior, and Lace are going to be the ones I worry about this winter. Everyone else is fat, fat, fat (just the way I like it). I am enjoying yet another year of not having to stress over euthanizing anyone. It's been a relief these past couple of years.

I'm still stressing over trying to get everything done. I wanted to paint at least one of the outbuildings, but we are supposed to get rain each day over Labor Day Weekend, so yet another project might end up being put on hold until next year. We already look dumpy . I wish we didn't have to worry about maintenance and I could focus all my time and attention directly on the horses and worrying about where their next meal will be to keep them fat and sassy.

If you don't see me around much, we are here. I'm just stressing and counting pennies to make ends meet.

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