Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rabbit's Prognosis

Rabbit's prognosis was better than I anticipated. But then again, I've taught myself to think the worst so I'm prepared in case it does come to that. The biggest issue is her needing more constant trimming. She's never been very accepting of getting her feet trimmed so I've let it slide. That's not going to happen any more. She also has the beginning stages of  navicular but when I had my farrier look at her awhile back, he'd said the same thing. That she'd either foundered in her past before she came to the Sanctuary or she has the beginnings of navicular. But that was awhile ago and if nothing has progressed since then, I expect it's lack of decent trimming. Talk about owner fail there.

I also assumed she was a bit of a touch-me-not. She'd always shy away from any touch. But the vet did a quick evaluation on her and said she's most likely deficient in Vitamin E so she's muscle sore all the time. For an example: say you and I were to run a mile. No prep or warm up, we just head out and run a mile (I laugh at that because there's no chance in hell this old body can run a mile let alone a quarter mile even if Satan himself was at my heels). But the next day after a run like that, your muscles would be sore. That's what Rabbit has been dealing with.

King had something similar a few years back so it wasn't a totally knew concept to figure out. I just feel bad. Another owner fail. I should have recognized the signs. She was ouchy when we first brought her home, but I assumed that was from having babies and being thing. After that, I just thought she was a touch-me-not.

I seem to be failing more these days.

So we have Rabbit on the leftover meds that I had King on.  It's a vitamin E and selenium supplement. It's a combo of the two but she isn't deficient in selenium but it's what the manufacturer had. And I want to tackle the issue immediately so that's what she's on. I'll switch to a different supplement when I go to Tractor Supply this weekend. Tiffany from Gentle Spirits suggested I try Dumor Gold. I'm always willing to try anything to see if it helps the horses. I hesitate to grain her much because of her heaves. For some reason, the grains seem to give her more problems, which is backwards (or at least I thought so). But I haven't had any time to research more into it.

So, that's the story with Rabbit. I'm going to get her a proper trim after this cold snap, get her muscles feeling better, and see how she's doing. I need to look into doing some massage but with the temps plummeting and having no time allowed to do chores, I'm not sure how that'll go.

Any horse massage people out there willing to work your magic on a mare that desperately needs it? I think her being cranky all the time (although she's not), all stems from hurting all the time. I always thought she was a good girl but who can be a good girl all the time when you hurt like hell.

major horse owner fail

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