Monday, January 11, 2016

Cold Temps

Everyone has been talking about the subzero temperatures. I probably would be too if I was out doing chores like I used to. But with the round bales, life is easier so I'm not out during all hours of the night trying to take care of everyone. Everyone is complaining about how cold it is. I must either have enough "polar bear weight on", be irritated enough to keep myself warm, or I'm simply used to the colder temps. I'm not sure which one it is. Maybe it's a mix of all three.

Our new method of feeding does cause some concern. I've never done rounds before so normally I would automatically put the horses in the barn. But with a round bale and a shelter, I'm not sure that it's as advantageous to stall them. So I haven't been. We'll see if that theory really holds up. So far, everyone is fatter this winter than any before.

We misjudged the amount of hay we'll need. Mike went by tonnage not by the number of bales. Tonage is fine when you are dividing it out but when it's a buffet, the math is different. So hopefully we'll be able to get more hay because what we ordered is only going to get us through mid March if we are lucky. And we need to get through until Memorial Weekend. That's a big gap and a lot more money involved.

We are using the hay nets to try and stretch the bales but letting them eat when and where they want is definitely different than before and they are totally enjoying it.

I did finally outsmart the mares and Junior so they are drinking plenty of water. I  switched tanks, moved it to a new location, and covered half of it (mostly to try and keep the wind off of it). And now they are finally drinking like they should. At least where they are at this year, I'm hauling water only around the corner instead of up the hill and through a snow drift. I had to haul eight buckets of water to fill the tank. Sure glad they are were they are at instead of the old pen. Eight buckets to the back pen is a lot more work than just around the corner.

I'll have to tell the story about Rabbit and see if it's just me or if maybe she's finally (after all these years) feeling good again. Poor girl. I did her an injustice. I always knew there was something about her. That she simply needed someone of her own. Guess that someone needs to be me and *I* need to be the one paying her more attention. Instead of being a broodmare and left to fend for herself, she needs to be pampered. Because we ALL need to be pampered at some point. (ok, we need to be pampered a lot but we'll get what we can when we are old momma's trying to simply get by).

I really did have a point to this blog post but apparently I lost it. Mostly it was to say that people are complaining about the cold. I guess, it is what it is and we'll endure because that's what we do in South Dakota

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