Friday, January 8, 2016

It's Only a Little Snow

Well, we might have only gotten 2-4 inches of snow (or closer to 5 inches), but it sure is causing problems. I haven't gotten home from the paying job yet but it's going to be a total mess. Right now the temps are hovering around the freezing mark. By tomorrow, we'll be dealing with subzero temperatures.

So we'll have ruts and potholes everywhere. I need to put in round bales again tomorrow but want to make sure the herd eats the remainder of the bales that are left. But with the temps dropping, I'm not sure what to do. Having never had round bales, I'm inclined to let them stay out and just eat instead of stall them. But stalling them means they only get what I feed them for hay (the way it's been all these years). I guess it'll depend on who's damp and cold from all this drizzle/snow.

Chores this winter are a different animal this year now that we are using round bales (and I have less time to manage the horses). I knew that the subzero temps were coming so I filled the water tank.

I'm hoping I outsmarted the horses finally. I drained the old tank that was shocking them, turned it over so they couldn't even get at it, brought in a different tank, put that in a different place (and plugged in the heater). I'm not sure if that heater is causing problems also or what. But I know they drank a ton Wednesday night into Thursday night. So I pulled the hose out to top off the tank before I can't use the hose any more.

I'm hoping the cold snap doesn't last for very long. I haven't paid attention to the weather. Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away. Haha. After driving in white out conditions earlier this week, and then dealing with slushy roads and ice covered roads today, I think I better start paying attention.

I did put a blanket on Lace the other day. I'd gone up to Gentle Spirit's Horse Rescue, and they donated a couple of blankets, halters, and leads to us. Thanks by the way!!! I wanted Lace to have a blanket before all this weird weather hit. I knew it was a little premature to put her in a blanket but didn't want her to get chilled and then put a blanket on her. I'm going to have to figure out who goes where for stalling. Musical stalls.

I don't have any pics of Lace wearing her blanket but I think I need to switch it out with a different blanket and put the one she's wearing on Brego. We were able to get three blankets so now Lace, Brego, and Dude will have their very own and not have to share (or deal with tacky hand-me-down blankets that don't fit). Hopefully this weekend, I can play with figuring out blankets but it'll depend on the temps and if I can handle being out in the super cold and messing with buckles and straps and the like.

I need to run in to TSC tomorrow and pick up grain. It's been awhile so I better stock up. Now that the super cold weather is here, I'm going to have to pay close attention to the hard keepers. January is always a wakeup call for winter.

So, lots going on but nothing getting accomplished. About par for the course around the Sanctuary.

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