Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mayhem's Prognosis

While I had the vet out to look at Rabbit, I had him do a quick eval on Mayhem as well. I didn't dare haul Rabbit because she was off on the right front. Luckily it isn't a bone issue, it's a muscle issue.

But back to Mayhem. Yet another horse owner fail. I should have had her in YEARS ago to deal with the umbilical hernia. But she got pushed to the back burner and that's where she has stayed all these years. Poor girl is 6 years old with no education and still needing medical attention. Yup, total owner fail there.

But, there is hope. Without any evaul, I was looking at two scenarios. The first scenario was a simple surgery where everything could be pushed back in to the hole and sewn up. Anesthesia would be necessary no matter what surgery but the cost would be closer to $400 because there wasn't as extensive surgery and work on the vet's part. The second scenario is laying her open and having to do extensive surgery costing around $1,000.

If she colics, we'd be looking at $1,000 surgery and at this point, it's not feasible. I know some people and some rescues/sanctuary's would be appalled by that notion. But I have to take into consideration the care of the other horses besides just one horse. It's a terrible mathematical game to have to play and I hate it.

But, after the evaluation, the vet was assured that the surgery would be in the $400 price range, not the $1,000 price range. We received two generous donations last year for Mayhem's surgery. I need to figure out how to access the money (one was donated through "youcare" and I apparently have no concept for technology these days). So we are about half way there. I'd really like to get the surgery done this spring so that we can move forward with her education.

So, anyone want to help towards Mayhem's surgery? Even $5 goes a long way towards getting the necessary surgery done.

I'd love to some day get her and Maverick trained to drive. They would be a beautiful pair of sorrels under harness. Mayhem and Maverick. Fitting don't you think?

So, want to help me fix a total horse owner fail?

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