Friday, June 19, 2015

Skippy in Timeout

Skippy is in timeout for the second day in a row. Unfortunately, Tommy is having to deal with Skippy's bad behavior as well. For the next three days, Tommy and Skippy will be separated because I am tired of Skippy's antics.

Yesterday, I put Skippy in to his pasture (along with Tommy). They've been out on the little lawn pasture for awhile. Apparently, Skippy has figured out that we don't always keep the electric fence on (can't have it on when our son is around). So when I went to put Skippy in to the pasture, I turned my back to walk over to the barn to plug in the fencer. Apparently, the wires were twined together so he pushed just a little and snuck under the fence. I figured that was my bad but I still put him in timeout for the day.

This morning, I put him and Tommy back in the pasture. Before I could walk to the barn to turn the fencer on, Skippy decided to plow through the fence. Didn't bother trying to go under. He decided to go through, ripping all the fence down. That meant that Tommy couldn't enjoy his time out on the pasture. I was furious to say the least.

So Skippy is back in timeout all alone and Tommy is in the old mares' pen until I can get the pasture fence fixed. Tommy can at least see the herd when they come and go for water. It wouldn't take me long to fix the fence but I was in a rush to get to work so it'll have to wait. And at this point, I think it's time for Skippy to be separated. He is doing it on purpose. If it happens on accident it's one thing but he's doing it to spite me now.

I'm thinking that I'll electrify his pen and he'll remember what it's like to be a nice mini and behave and respect fencing. Otherwise, he'll be banned from all grazing opportunities and Tommy may simply  join the big herd and Skippy will be by himself. I'd rather not do it that way but it'll be up to Skippy to decide if he's going to behave himself.

No more ponies or minis at the Sanctuary from here on out. Just old, cranky big horses.

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