Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fugly Quote

Fugly blog has returned (with a different author) and they have proceeded to point out all the flaws of poor salesmanship, which I think is funny. Unfortunately, it shows the lack of interest in people's ability to try and find their horse a new home. At the end of Fugly's latest post were the best words said and I can't out do them....

Instead we like to dump them on the internet like an old sofa.  Then expect others to be the perfect, loving, caring, responsible home that they couldn’t be.  Beggars can’t be choosers people and in the end it is the horse that suffers.

So true. And that is clearly why we have the horses at the Sanctuary that we do. Not all fit the requirements that we have set in place but the horses came before those criteria were established. Take for instance Dude and Brego. Neither of them would I dump at a sale. Someone would see Dude and think he's a pretty horse, buy him, ride him, and constantly get bucked off not knowing what is wrong. He'd end up as a piece of meat on a plate. Same goes for Brego, although maybe not considered not as "pretty". But in any case, to keep them safe and to keep people safe, they stay at the Sanctuary until their quality of life is no longer there. But I've made that sacrifice because I don't believe the horse should suffer.

Horse ownership is not a right but a privilege and commitment.

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