Thursday, August 3, 2017

Work Like a Dog and Prep for Winter

If I thought I was a little spooked about winter coming faster than expected, I am even more spooked now as I watch our township (or maybe it's another township) apply gravel to our roads. I thought they were in ok shape but after sitting in my chair (working from home at the paying job), I've watched a half a dozen semis with two trailers loaded with gravel driving back and forth. That only means they are applying fresh gravel to our roads.

I'm not complaining mind you. When we first moved to the Sanctuary, we drove on mud! Now the county/township has been better about applying gravel to the roads. But it's also a sign that the county/township is preparing for winter. Although now that I think about it, we have a new grader person and he's been working the roads over for the past couple of months. But really, all this work is in prep for fall and winter. The farmers will tear apart the roads this fall with their machinery and then the rest of us will tear up the roads this winter and spring when everything turns to mud.

So now I'm back to thinking winter. I shouldn't be thinking winter when it's only the third of August! I shouldnt' spend my entire summer preparing for winter! A sad but true reality when you deal with winter six months out of the year.

Anyone want to help get the place ready for winter? Dont' forget that this Saturday is our Work Like a Dog Day from 10-5pm!

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