Thursday, August 10, 2017

Drought Monitor Report

The drought monitor still shows that the Sanctuary (and the hay ground) are still in a drought as of today.

The problem is, I'm hearing horror stories from our hay guy. He's hauling water, losing cattle, and most likely going to lose some if not all of his crops this year. We are in a better position than we were five years ago when we had another drought strike. I've learned some hard lessons from that experience.

But the weather is rearing it's ugly head and making life difficult for everyone.

We are short on hay. We are getting a load of hay delivered tomorrow at noon (hoping I can sneak a Live video but we'll see). But it's only 30 bales. With the 25 smaller bales, we should be ok but I'm not comfortable. I want more hay. But the funds aren't there either if the hay was.

So now we are turning away horses. Even though we are small and unknown, the few people who do know us and do ask, we are forced to say no. For those with no other alternative than to take to auction, those horses are entering the slaughter pipeline and I worry. I'm sick over it. What can I do? I have to protect the residents that we have. Even if any of our current residents are sponsored, we'd still be tight because I cant' even FIND hay at this moment. Everything I see is two states away and I can't afford shipping for that far away.

Anyone want to be a HUGE Angel and donate towards hay?

Don't forget we also have our Be An Angel day coming up. I haven't had time to focus on it because I'm trying to get my son's birthday party stuff situated. Oh the joys of working a full time job, running a sanctuary single handedly, and caring for two small kids (and making sure they don't go without for the fun adventures they deserve).

So I'll just sit over here and stress over stuff.

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