Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Was a Bust

This weekend was supposed to be "Work Like a Dog Day" but it didn't happen. Mike had to go to the paying job and I was down and out with a migraines that left me stuck inside even though it was gorgeous! Let me just say, migraines should not last three days. And nothing touched it. But by Sunday evening, I was able to do more than just stare at the wall.

I actually started to panic Sunday night. Not a true panic attack but I definitely started to panic. For the entire month of July, we deal with temps in the 90s. All. Month.!!

Now that we are in August, we should be dealing with some heat but we aren't. It's cold. At least cold after being so hot for so long. Even then the trees are starting to turn leaves. Umm, that doesn't happen for another month! ANOTHER  MONTH!!!

I think I tend to panic anyway in August because summer is wrapping up, people are dumping their horses and going back to school, and the talk of fall is all around (and with me, that means winter). There have only been two years where I didn't panic about what was going on around me. That was five years ago when my son was born and two years ago when  my daughter was born. Otherwise, I freak out because I'm burned out from going so hard trying to fit everything in to three months.

I may have to start taking time off the paying job to get stuff done. It'll be the stuff I can do on my own and we'll have to figure out a time to really tackle the bigger stuff (like reroofing the hay barn and the garage). It's all going to take time and money, and we have neither.

I think I'll be sitting down tonight with  my planner/calendar and figuring out when I can squeeze in a few of the things that absolutely MUST be done.

I just don't know how to fit it all in.

So instead of ranting and complaining about my panic, I'll leave you with pictures of Zeke from the other night. He is most definitely enjoying his retirement. Anyone want to spoil this ol' boy with a sponsorship?

Zeke telling everyone Hello

Zeke looking fat and sassy. He may be 25 but he's not letting that slow him down (only his big grass belly will slow him down)

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