Friday, November 4, 2016

Working Weekend

Not really much to report. Last night the kids and I played outside, enjoying the warm weather. How can it be 70 degrees and the first of November? I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts. We are supposed to have warm weather today and tomorrow (70s!) So I'm going to take advantage of the crazy warm temperatures and try to get a few more outside projects accomplished.

We'd started waterproofing blankets but Mike thought using a weed sprayer would go faster. It made the job go faster but I don't think the blankets actually got waterproofed. I may just take out the ol' paint brush and go like crazy to get what I can done before the gallon of waterproofing runs out. I've been lacks on doing the Wishlist Wednesdays. I guess I should have wished for waterproofing!

I also want to try and squeeze in a little bit of painting on the little garden house. It's not directly used for the Sanctuary  but it IS the first building you see when driving up. I'd rather not have our entire place look like a poophole. So we'll see. I should have maybe asked for a gallon of exterior white paint while I was at it for the Wishlist Wednesday. I have neither paint nor waterproofing so we'll see if I have enough time in the morning to grab the materials I need.

We are also getting one step closer to finishing up more of the two remodels in the house. We are so close I can almost taste it. In fact, once the remodels are done in the house, I'll have more space and feel more relaxed. There's simply been so much to do and we are never home that nothing gets done.

Here's to a productive weekend. Daylight savings time may help some but with kids, it won't help us. But I'll take what I can get. Beggars can't be choosers.

Anyone want to come and help? We'll probably lose Sunday to family stuff but if we can spend even just a few hours Saturday afternoon getting things done, I'll feel better.

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