Monday, November 21, 2016


So, after posting one to two days after about being in blizzard alley, we get our first snow storm. Not only that, but it was bad enough that they called off my work (and usually hell has to freeze over before that happens). There was enough wind that it was hard to know exactly how much snow we actually got. At one point, I was hauling water with two five gallon pales and the snow was dragging on the bales (a curse of being short).

I knew we were to get snow but I wasn't expecting the cold to come barreling down on us as well. I didn't get a heater on the big water tank until Saturday and the ponies don't have a tank heater because the outlet burned up where I need to plug it in. So it looks like I'll be spending all winter hauling and smashing ice multiple times a day.

On the bright side, my lack of time did save my butt. I never turned off the heater on the automatic waterer so it never did freeze over. Unfortunately, the insulation somehow shifted this summer and dropped down on the part that makes it automatic so it was overflowing. Mike couldn't get the lid popped off but was able to wiggle the insulation out. Unfortunately, there's no insulation now in the automatic waterer so we are headed for disaster if he doesnt' get off his lazy butt. I expect impending doom on the automatic waterer later this week (because I dont' foresee Mike doing anything this week...why... I have no. idea....can you tell I'm grumpy).

Nothing too exciting going on otherwise. I was hoping the temps would warm up a bit so I could pull blankets off Bo and Rain. I put blankets on those two because Rain can't handle any little bit of cold (he still doesn't have a winter coat and wont' get one) and Bo needs to pack on a few more pounds before I am satisfied. I dont' foresee him packing on the pounds very well now that winter is here.

But we have different hay and they are powering through it. It's got a hint of alfalfa in it so the horses are powering through it. We  need to put in bales tonight before the next storm rolls through. I guess the next storm is mostly freezing drizzle, so no six inches of snow to contend with at the least.

I had planned on going in to buy grain on Saturday but the kiddos were sick so figured we'd stay home. But we did run in to TSC to pick up some grain. I haven't quite figured out how long grain will last. I'm only graining three but as winter progresses, I'll have to start graining others (Jim, Rain, Brego, Zeke).

I need to have the farrier out to trim up Rabbit and Dude. Unfortunately, our farrier wants to retire so I'm in search of a new farrier. I'm struggling to find one.

There's a lot to do lately but I'm stressed and with stress, I sleep. I wish I had insomnia instead. Then I could get more done. The holidays will be here and the house is a disaster. To the point where I can't feel comfortable any  more and it's wearing on my nerves. So hopefully I'll still be around to post a few ramblings but if not, it's because I'm too cranky and dont' want to ruin the upcoming holidays for anyone. It's all very little and minuet but still very irritating. People dont' realize that their actions really do irritate me. Don't treat my ideas like they are stupid and don't ignore me. It's not a hard concept.

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