Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Winter will Be Here Friday

We are going to be in a Winter Storm Watch starting Friday. Winter will be here. A Blizzard Watch to the north of us. The weatherman isn't sure if the pattern will change. So, winter begins Friday

I may post more later but I wasn't expecting a blizzard to the north of us. I should know better. Still lots to get done before the first snowflake appears. At least we have half of our hay. But I keep tossing around the idea that we should pick up a Lantry mustang. But that means the waiting list to get into the Sanctuary will have to be on hold. It's not our focus to take in a younger horse but the alternative. But then there's the time and funds, which I have neither. So I don't know. I guess we'll just see how it all plays out.

but until then, I'll be running around trying to get things tucked away. I came home last night to hoses hanging from all sort of odd places. Hoses were hanging like Christmas lights. Some days the help I do get is a lot more work than it really needs to be.

but I'm grumbly this morning so I won't go any further.

I just wanted to say, winter will be here in two days. eek!

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