Thursday, November 5, 2015

Winter on the Way

We've had lovely weather the last few days but now the clouds are rolling in. I've love to have a long fall so that I could get my feet back under me and my wits about me before winter hits. Now that I'm finally able, I'm anxious to work on a few projects around the place. The only problem, winter will be here and all my projects require non-frozen ground, and warmer temps. I'm hoping the warmer weather will stick around. I'm still waiting for my winter supply of hay to be delivered. My hay guy is also a farmer and he's having a heck of a time this harvest. The combine keeps breaking down, which means delays. Delays for him and delays for me. We still have hay in reserve so I'm not in panic mode. We bought a couple extra round bales and the horses think that there's grass still out in the pasture so no worries there.

But winter will be here soon. I was driving in to town yesterday and noticed that the Department of Transportation flipped down the signs warning drivers that there might be ice on bridges. That's yet another sign that winter will be here (both figuratively and reality).

The horses are fat and happy. Well, everyone is fat except for Bo. But he's always been on the the trim side. Junior isn't fat but he's better looking now than he was all summer. I think he did exceptionally well at Mom and Dad's. I'll have to remember to take him up there again next year. Hard to believe that he's 26 years old. Well, we are guessing anyway. He'll have been with us for a full year in another couple of days.

I'd love to offer a retirement home to another deserving horse. The only catch is, we'd need that horse or a current horse at the Sanctuary to be sponsored. It does bother me that we had someone that wanted to retire their horse with us and was willing to pay the hard keeper feed program fee but at the time I was pregnant and dealing with a 30+ year old with an infant didn't seem the best solution for the horse. I know I say I want to bring another one into the Sanctuary but I also have to make sure that it's a fit for us. I will have less time this winter with two kids to take care of so I have to watch who I bring in. I don't want to turn into one of those rescues/sanctuaries that needs to be rescued. I'm hoping that I'll get a handle on how chores will go this winter once I'm back at work and get into the swing of things again. Then I can consider bringing someone into the Sanctuary.

I have an idea for a fundraiser in December. I don't have all the kinks worked out of it yet but keep checking back.

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