Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello Winter

What a hard wakeup call. Second day back to work and we have a snow storm. I was already planning on leaving early but the kids' daycare had a thanksgiving meal so I left work early. Sure glad I did. By the time we got done and home, we had 8-9 inches and it's still snowing.

Luckily, someone was looking out for me. This snow is so slippery that even though I was going slow, I slid through a very busy and dangerous intersection. I somehow managed to miss the truck that was coming and would have T-boned me. Someone definitely was looking out for me. Just this morning, I thought to myself that some day I'm going to get killed at this intersection. Luckily it wasn't today but it sure was close.

Winter is here. Hopefully not to stay but with 8-9 inches and it's still snowing, I am guessing that what is here is here to stay. I'm ready for spring already. I haven't had the chance yet to check on horses but hopefully everyone is doing ok.

We lucked out and put in round bales last night. Definitely glad because with all this snow, the horses would be crabby without it. Now to get that hay net ordered so Junior and the mares can enjoy a buffet all day long instead of waiting for me to come out morning and night.

Goodbye fall. Hello winter.

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