Friday, November 20, 2015

Return to the Real World

So I'm finally done with my maternity leave and slowly getting back to my paying job. And what do you think is going to happen now that I'm back to reality (somewhat at least)? It's going to snow. As I was leaving for the paying job, snowflakes were starting to fall. To the south of us, towns were getting an inch an hour. I hope that we don't get that much. But I expect winter is here.

We still need to move horses around. What I had hoped would be the mares' and Junior's winter pen won't work. So back into the drylot they go. But that means the ponies need to move as well (because they will pester Junior and that's not allowed) but their pen doesn't even exist at the  moment because we had to rob their pen's corral panels to make a different pasture this spring.

I've been breaking open water for the past three days so that we can run the water down on the troughs and move everyone around to their winter locations this weekend. By this weekend, we will be dealing with teens for lows and twenties for highs. I desperately need to get heaters into the water troughs. I'm  SO not ready for that type of weather.

My world sort of stopped just before Labor Day weekend and I'm struggling to get caught up. I always joked that I was a month behind, but now I feel like I'm about three months behind. We don't even have all of our winter hay yet. It's still sitting out in the field. I'm going to have to start pushing to get it because we are using hay now.

Mike put in two bales last night for the big herd. I want to start putting in a round for the mares and Junior but not until I can buy another hay net. With Rabbit's heaves, I don't want her devouring a round bale without the protection of a hay net. Until then, I throw hay. I apparently got really spoiled now with using rounds. There's so much that needs to be done and yet I can't seem to find time until long after the sun sets. I guess that's the joys of having small kids at home.

So now that life is returning to the old routine, I'll most likely be posting more.

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