Sunday, October 11, 2015


We had a productive day yesterday. I was starting to panic. Luckily Mom and Dad came down to help. We put up some temporary fencing where the chicken coop used to be. It's all temporary until next year when I can come up with a different fencing that I like better. But for now, it was enough so that we could get the mares and Junior off the road pasture and on to better pasture. Pheasant hunting is this month and I want the horses out of that pasture and there's no grass left anyway. Hopefully with an extra month of grass, Junior will keep the weight on that he gained while at Mom and Dad's. He's a hard keeper so we'll see.

Dad and Mike also started putting in holes for the new fence in the small drylot. We need to put in a wood panel to hang the gate. If we dont' get the gate in, we wont' be able to put in big round bales this winter. But with the temporary fence for the mares' pasture, we might not be as pushed as Mike thought. But we'll see. It all depends on if the barn can handle running the tank heater. If it can't, then we have to rethink where horses will be for the winter. There's pros and cons of both places.

Today was a gorgeous day as well but without the additional help to watch the kids, we decided to forgo any work around the place and played hooky from all responsibility. Instead we decided to have some quality family time. As we were coming back, we were about a half an hour away and all of a sudden it got darker than I thought it normally should be. The clouds I saw on the horizon were rain/storm clouds. They were dust clouds. I can only imagine what it was like in the dirty thirties. The wind was picking up the dirt and with the harvest in full swing, the clouds we saw were all dust. I'm sure I've seen dust clouds like that before in my life but not recently. I'm glad that the wind was out of the north west and everyone was protected from the wind, dust, and pelting bean husks. At least it's now and not in the middle of winter because that would have been close to a blizzard (at least in my opinion).

I'm not sure if we'll get much more done this week with the horses. I had to pull up the electric fence yesterday. Someone decided to blow through it in a number of places. I still have a small section to pull up tomorrow. So aggravating that if the fencer is not on, those horses push on it, even when there's nothing to eat on the other side. They are just too lazy to walk to the opening. ARG. Darn geldings. But it's time to take down the electric fence and get the poly posts out of the ground before winter sets in. There's just so much that needs to be done before winter but when it all takes two people, its very difficult for us to get anything done. Anyone want to help? I can't pay you money, but I can feed you!! Any takers?

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